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Instagram Word of the Week

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Instagram is a social media site for sharing images and videos along with a comment about how the shared media inspired the person to post it. If you are new to instagram and how it works, check out this YouTube video: What is Instagram & How Does the App Work?



Part A. Create an Instagram account - or login if you already have one  

  1. Go to Instagram - click "sign up"
  2. Follow the instructions for making an account

PLEASE NOTE: In order to post, you must use the app on a phone or tablet. 
The web version on laptop or desktop can view and comment, but not post (although you can try this hack).

Part B. Instagram Post - Word of the Week

You can join Marlene's online class and use their hashtag #carlatech19. We have a different word for each week.
The image or video you post may be one that you take or create yourself or one that you find on the web that relates to the topic. 

  1. This week's word is #analog. A post should include both the word of the week (#analog) and the course hashtag (#carlatech19).
  2. Write a sentence to tell us how the image you chose means "analog" to you. 
  3. After posting something to Instagram using #analog and #carlatech19 in your post, use the magnifying glass at the bottom to search for #carlatech19.
    • Take a look at the other posts by your peers.
    • Comment and/or like posts that catch your eye.


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