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3 Mini Institutes - Spr 2009

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Contributions + Collaboration + Community = Learning the Web 2.0 Way!


A series of mini-institutes

Co-sponsored by CARLA and the CLA Language Center


    Offered on 3 Saturdays from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    February 21, March 28 & April 25, 2009

    Jones Hall, Minneapolis East Bank Campus, U of MN


    Cost is only $25 per session* and includes lunch!

          *University of Minnesota language staff can register for $15

    Information and registration forms are available at http://www.carla.umn.edu/presentations/


The term "Web 2.0" is all the rage lately.  But what is it and why is it important for second language instruction? We’ll provide an overview of Web 2.0 concepts and give examples of how to motivate and involve your students with some easy-to-use web 2.0 tools.  With these tools, it’s easier than ever for students to contribute, collaborate and build community in the target language!


This Spring you will have the opportunity to learn these tools in three mini-institutes, each with a different project orientation and the tools to complete it. Targeted for language teachers with limited technology skills, you will have hands-on practice with step-by-step instructions for trying things out, creating your own project, and preparing  to work with your own students. Each mini-institute stands alone, so you do not need to attend all three.


Come to one, come to two, or come to all three--your choice!




Mini-Institute #1

A Classroom NewsWiki: Using Wikis for Group Projects

Saturday, February 21


Wikis are perfect for collaborative writing spaces. You will start by collaboratively creating an online class newspaper using text, graphics, audio and video. Then we will start back at the beginning and help you set up a wiki to use with your students and examine the various options you have in the wiki settings. We will also explore options for other similar collaborative projects where students can write collaboratively with a peer-editing process.


Wiki Information     
Wiki Sandbox - demo395.pbwiki.com


Instructors: Marlene Johnshoy (CARLA), Alyssa Ruesch (CLA Language Center), and Jenise Rowekamp (CLA Language Center),


Update:  More information on Fair Use and Copyright




Mini-Institute #2

Online Tools for Digital Storytelling

Saturday, March 28


Give your students a great reason to use the target language - telling stories! Whether the narratives are sharing about themselves, reporting on activities, creating fantasy stories, or finishing a fairy tale in a new way, students will love to express themselves in creative ways with these free online tools.


Workshop wiki page


Instructors: Marlene Johnshoy (CARLA), Zhen Zou (CLA Language Center)



Mini-Institute #3

Collaboration on Research Projects: It's Googleriffic!

Saturday, April 25


Have your students use these easy online tools to work on a project together, to research and present information. We will practice with the many Google tools that are great for finding information, working with it collaboratively, and sharing it with others.


Google Docs

Google Search (Basic Tips, More Search Tips)

Google Notebook

Google Maps - create your own

Google Sites


Instructors: Marlene Johnshoy (CARLA), Alyssa Ruesch (CLA Language Center), Rick Treece (CLA Language Center)






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