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Digital Video

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Use the Creative Commons search page

This blog post has 47 alternatives to YouTube - good video sources, also in case YouTube is blocked at your school






Lesson Plans


Places to Upload/Host your Video


Download YouTube Videos


Edit videos (Trimming) with free software


Edit online videos


Sample Audio/Video Web Lessons



  • The SACODEYL project focuses on spoken interviews with British, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Rumanian and Spanish pupils between 13 and 18 years of age. The interview transcripts are stored in online corpora, which are pedagogically annotated and enriched for language learning and teaching purposes. Each language set contains 20 to 25 video-recorded interviews of about 10 minutes each. A common set of interview questions was used, covering a wide range of topics including: personal information, home and family, present and past living routines, hobbies and interests, holidays, school and education, job experiences, plans for the future, open discussion topics.
  • Videosinspanish.com is a free site that offers videos in Spanish made by young native Spanish speakers from the cultural setting of their Hispanic environment. The site gives videos accompanied by downloadable textos en español, textos en inglés, vocabulario, and preguntas sections. Currently (spring 2010), there are ten videos from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and twelve from Valencia, Spain.


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