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Downloads and Installation

Page history last edited by Marlene Johnshoy 10 years, 6 months ago

The majority of the tools we will be using this week are web-based and there is nothing for you to install.

ALL of the web applications work just the same on Mac or Windows machines.  PhotoStory 3 is the one exception - it is Windows only.

If you have Linux, Ubuntu, etc, - we have not tried all of these tools on that platform, but I'm guessing that most of them, especially the web-based ones, will be perfectly functional on those systems as well.


All of this software is free; however, some of them have special reuqirements.


Here are the applications that do need installation before you can use them at your home or school:

DO NOT INSTALL them in our computer lab - they should already be installed!


Diigo Toolbar - follow these instructions


iTunes - download


PhotoStory 3 - PhotoStory Homepage - download the software from this page - then install it.  

     For Windows machines only.


Audacity - download the software, and then install it. CHOOSE the correct version for your computer.

      Audacity also needs something called the LAME Lib - download it and install it.


Hot Potatoes - choose the correct version for your computer:

     Download HotPotatoes -


SightSpeed client - look for the red button half-way down the page - download and install




PowerPoint - this one is not free, but hopefully you already have it installed.

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