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Podcast Basics - Listen Up!


You will need a player to listen to podcasts. Here are two you may already have on your computer:


How do I subscribe and what happens when I do?

Subscribing to a podcast is like having a newspaper delivered to your door instead of walk­ing to the corner store to get one…only better, it’s FREE. Subscribing is the easiest way to download podcasts and then you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want. If you find a podcast you like and would like to try it out, go ahead and click Subscribe, you can always unsubscribe and remove any podcasts you have downloaded.

     There are a number of ways to read or listen to things you subscribe to. Here are a couple of suggestions:

In iTunes:

    • Use the Settings option (gear icon) of iTunes to configure your subscription (i.e. how often you want to check for new episodes, whether and what to download, and what to keep). Click OK.
    • Once you've subscribed, click Get to download previous podcast episodes.
    • You can delete episodes or whole podcasts - PC (right-click) Mac (control-click) -> Delete or unsubscribe (button lower right) at anytime.


Language Podcasts 


Create Your Own!

A podcast is simply a set of audio files grouped together with a feed* so that users can subscribe and be notified of new episodes. In order to create a podcast, you need to first make your audio, and second use an online tool to publish it. The publishing tool takes care of all the feed details for you.

  • Podomatic is currently our favorite publishing tool. 
  • AudioBoom - free for audio recordings up to 10 min.  Longer than that can be upgraded to a pay account. 
  • Soundcloud -subscription-based hosting service. 


* Podcasts, just like blogs and news sites, make use of RSS feeds to deliver content to subscribers. If you want a quick and fun introduction to RSS, check out RSS in Plain English from commoncraft.


Podcasting for Education Information

Podcasting for Language Learning




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