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Searching for Web Resources

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Search Tips 

         8 Tips for Super Searching - PC Magazine (5/5/2009)

         Google Guide - this online tutorial guides you through using Google for fast and effective searches. 


Search Engines

Google -  originally a Stanford U. project designed to find the most relevant Web pages and rated the best in a number of reviews:  Basic TipsMore Search Tips
Now there are national versions for most countries:  http://google.es (Spain), http://google.fr (France), http://google.de (Germany), http://google.com.mx (Mexico), etc.


Things to consider:

    • Be sure that you are aware of copyright restrictions for all materials you use!  
    • Give credit for all materials that you use!  
    • Always save the URL of the materials


Multimedia Searches


Creative Commons search - http://search.creativecommons.org

Google's Advanced Image search

Pexels -- Free Stock Photographs

          CARLA's Virtual Picture Album


 Searching for audio and video clips

    • Use key words in search engines that can do audio/video searches.
    • Look for the Advanced Search options that allow you to choose a particular file format, length, language, offensive content filter, date, etc. 



YouTube - http://youtube.com

TeacherTube - http://teachertube.com/ - YouTube that has been "cleaned up" for education



Search for MP3 Files (mostly music). You don't need an MP3 player to listen - you can listen from a webpage on your computer.

Podcasts (mp3 audio files)

 Google - search for "podcast +[your language]"


    A good place to search is Podcast Alley

Do the search - Choose Genre: Education, and browse

Or type a language in the search box, and pick one of the resulting list

Choose the "Details" link, and then you will get to mp3 files there (usually).  

Right-click and Copy Link Location.


    Public Radio Fan lists streaming radio broadcasts and podcasts from around the world in any number of languages


    Other places to search for spoken word files     

          Project Gutenberg - recorded books in many languages

          American Rhetoric - database of over 5000 speeches with text and audio/video



    Other places to search for music files

SeekaSong.com - meta-search engine, has a top 20 list for many countries




          Follow the links to download until you get the MP3 file alone on the page, then copy the URL

          It will look like this:





After downloading, you can edit the file with Audacity or other applications.







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