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Why do we tell stories

Page history last edited by Marlene Johnshoy 7 years ago

Why do we tell stories

  •    Entertainment
  •     Quick way to learn
  •     Posterity
  •     Memorize
  •     Connect to other people/ideas
  •     Communicate
  •     Teach lessons
  •     Build community
  •     Bring cultures together
  •     Represent ideas/people/culture/community
  •     Re-write history
  •     Generate faith
  •     Clarify
  •     Inform
  •     Convey emotions
  •     Record (literacy vs orality)
  •     Express values
  •     Prepare people to do something
  •     Motivate/inspire
  •     Learning from others’ experience
  •     Explanation
  •     Create context
  •     Advise/warn of dangers
  •     Demonstrate power
  •     Understand ourselves – who are we?
  •     To flatter
  •     To heal
  •     For survival

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