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2015 Interpretive Workshop

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Engaging Students with Language Learning through Technology: 
Focus on the Interpretive Mode


Need help? Email us! 

Marlene Johnshoy - johnshoy@umn.edu

Dan Soneson - soneson@umn.edu

Alyssa Bonnac - rues0022@umn.edu


February 7, 2015 - Jones Hall #35, University of Minnesota


I. Introductions


     Alyssa Bonnac, Marlene Johnshoy, Dan Soneson

     Local and remote participants



II. Pedagogical foundations



III. Models - test and evaluate    (use this Evaluation Grid handout)


Audio Jigsaw Activity (whole class activity)


Socrative (whole class activity)


Image description (Google Doc)


Advertisement (EduCanon)


TV Guide (Image and Google Form)


How to Doodle  (VoiceThread) 


Family Photo  (VoiceThread)


What can you tell about these texts? (VoiceThread)
       (talk about Moderation)


Choose your Own Adventure (YouTube and Google Form)


Baking Competition (YouTube and VideoAnt)


Measles Outbreak (Curriculet - support for English and Spanish)


Choose a Museum (Web Texts -- with a partner)



IV. Discussion


  • Debrief of evaluation grid
  • What does technology contribute to interpretive tasks? 



Break - 15 min



V. Tools and Tutorials (from demonstration activities)


Add voice to PowerPoint instructions from Microsoft

    Search google for Video instructions 

    SlideBoom - post your slides without losing the animation and interaction 


Socrative - User Guide (pdf)


EduCanon - FAQ/Knowledge Base




Google Drive - from your Google account, you can create and add files (text, video, etc.) and share them with the world - use the URL or embed in other places

     How to share from your Drive

Google Docs - AboutHelp Center

Google Forms About | Help Center

    Here is a video to show how to insert a video into a Google form


VideoAnt - About/help


VoiceThread - wiki page/examples - How to docs




VI. Participant Demonstrations


Post a link to your test activities on this Google doc.

We're not expecting perfection, but we'd like to see what you're experimenting with! 


If you have created activities with other tools that you would like to share - please add links to the tools



VII. Wrap-up and Evaluation




Additional Resources


Google Spreadsheets - https://www.google.com/sheets/about/

Google Slides - https://www.google.com/slides/about/


ActivelyLearn is a tool to help students engage around reading content through embedded questions, comments, videos, and notes. ActivelyLearn also enables teachers to view analytics and get a better picture of how their students are engaging around the texts.


Ponder is designed to help students engage around reading content or video, but works differently.  Through "micro-responses" Ponder helps scaffold the critical thinking that is necessary for students to take the steps from reading comprehension to analytical production.  Ponder offers students a quick, scaffolded way to respond to content and share their thoughts. Ponder also gives teachers a view of how students are engaging with content.


Anvill - create media rich lessons - free.


Create your own podcasts for students to listen to.


Padlet, iPadio, AudioBoo, SoundCloud


and check out many other applications that are in this wiki!


Annenberg has a video series on "teaching Foreign Languages" - check out the lesson on interpretive.


We also welcome your suggestions for other tools that you like!  (Post to Google doc under "Participant Demos")







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