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Thursday - Presentational Mode

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Using Technology in Second Language Teaching 


Focus on the Presentational Mode 
     (students presentations, oral or written)


I. Review of Wednesday 

               Brief feedback session - Activities Google doc


II. Pedagogical foundations

          (colors: Red, PurpleOrange, Blue, Green)

    • What presentational tasks do you ask your students to do now?  (you don't need to think technology here!)
    • What tasks would you like to assign that you currently don't?
    • Considerations:
      • purpose of the presentation
      • who is the audience
      • “text” type — genre 
      • authenticity of the task 


    • Multi-modal is common:  pre (students learn/interpret) - during (interpretation/presentation) - post activities (presentation/interpersonal) 


III.  Presentational Mode Example Activities   

                  Use this Evaluation Form  (Gform)



IV. Explore Presentational Mode Examples   

       Use this Evaluation Form (Gform)  


Tool  Examples of student projects 

La nouvelle vague

Chinese student project

How to change a bicycle tire

Instagram (cell phone app) Word of the Week

President's Emerging Scholars Program at UMN

Preston's Digital Story

Celina's Digital Story


Language Learning Autobiography

Website Tour

Instructor Presentation

ExplainEverything (iPad to create) example
EduCreations (iPad to create)

Spanish examples (student drawn, teacher voice)

Photo story (Spanish)

Tellagami  French Menu - Chinese Example
PowToon The SAMR Model explained by students


Humans of New York - Tumblr 


See examples in this article about the Benefits of Comics


Sign up for a free account.  Then explore the different kinds of "stories" available in lots of different languages.


Digital Story

(iMovie, PowerPoint, etc.)


The Apple Tree





V. Activity Brainstorm, Part 2 and Debrief

    • Look at the list of activities you developed from Part 1 
    • Think of an appropriate tool or two that would work for each task you listed in Part 1
    • Everyone back into Zoom!  
    • Please add to the Group Brainstorm Google doc (find your color group on the page) 



VI. Create Presentational Tasks  

Design a presentational activity for your students. Use the tools presented above, or choose from the Additional Tools below, or choose something you've heard about. Create a model presentation that your students could use as an example in preparing their own presentations. 

Add your activity to your Google doc


Tool (links to the tool's start page)  Additional Information 

(check the app's Help or YouTube for tutorials!)

VoiceThread (3 Threads for free)

successful project descriptions

Wiki page

FlipGrid (now free for all!) Educator's Guide to FlipGrid
WeVideo (90 day free trial, $6.63-$199 year WeVideo Basics
Screencast-o-matic  (free)

Screencast demo for K-12

Social Studies example

ExplainEverything (iPad to create -- $25 per year) German example: Die Zelle
EduCreations (iPad to create) tutorial (ESL student and teacher examples) 
Tellagami (edu paid version -- smartphone, tablet to create)  
Storybird Tutorials
ThingLink student creations now only available through a paid teacher account




Additional Tools: 

    • SoundCloud is a site for loading, storing and sharing sound files. For language teachers, Sound Cloud offers a useful feature, time-stamped comments. With this feature, teachers can bring a new level of precision and review-capability into feedback on student audio recordings.

    • Canva is a web-based application that gives you access to hundreds of templates for posters, comics, banners, etc.  

    • Google Slides - for collaborative presentations or presentation preparation

    • PowToon is a tool for creating animated presentations 
    • PowerPoint - you know this one!  record voice on each slide, then upload to SlideBoom or other places, or export as a movie and upload 
    • Prezi - could record voice-over with a screencast recorder   
    • iPad apps - the teacher uses most of these, but what about having the students create with them?
      (see more iPad apps on the mobile learning page in this wiki)
    • Tumblr - blog

    • Padlet - text, upload other media

    • blipfoto.com - photostory

    • Piktochart - free tool to create infographics

    • YouTube - if your students have Google accounts, they can create a "channel" in YouTube through their Gmail accounts. Getting Started Tutorial

    • SeeSaw - tool for creating digital portfolios 
    • Adobe Spark 
    • Moovly - a tool to create a professional looking video, with video material, images, etc. Limited version free to educators 


    • We welcome your suggestions for other tools that you like! Post them at the bottom of this page using the Comments feature. 


VII. Participant Demonstrations

We'd like to see what you're experimenting with!  (we're not expecting perfection!)
Add your activity to your Google doc

If you have created activities with other tools that you would like to share - please add links to your activity.






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