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Monday - Introductions

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Using Technology in Second Language Teaching:

Frameworks & Finding Authentic Materials



I. Introductions


      • Adolfo Carrillo Cabello

      • Marlene Johnshoy

      • Dan Soneson

      • Beth Kautz (Guest speaker) 


Introductions of local and remote participants


II. Introduction to the Yellow Wiki


Week and Wiki Organization


III. Frameworks

World Readiness Standards (ACTFL)


NAEP Circle

Bloom's Taxonomy Pyramid
TPACK model (reproduced by permission from http://tpack.org)

SAMR model - Puentedura graphic


III. Framework Application


    • Kiel Museum Activity (10 minutes)
      • Look through this activity
      • Go to the website and explore options
      • Find some of the information asked for 


    • What is the objective of the activity?
    • Where does it sit currently in Bloom's taxonomy, ACTFL Standards? 
    • How would you change the activity/tool to push it up the levels? 

 - Large group debrief 



IV. Online storage of materials


V. Finding Authentic Materials 

    • Understanding the definition of authentic materials

    • Discussion on uses of authentic materials

    • Demonstration of search engines for authentic materials: Google Images

    • Overview of editing tools: Preview, PixlrCanva 

    • Identify and store three images: Google Images observing Copyright restrictions, save them into your Google Drive in your CARLA Institute Media folder. 
    • Demonstration of searching and identifying youtube channels with cultural content


 VI. Introduction to Tasks


    • Create a VoiceThread 
    • Take a picture of yourself:  Take a selfie
    • Configure your VoiceThread account 
    • Upload photos to VoiceThread from your Google Drive


    • Working in Google docs (MyDrive)
      • Go to the Institute Shared Activities page
        • Save a copy of the Institute Activities Template 
      • Participant Introductions - title, photo, bio/intro



VII. Meeting with credit participants


For credit participants must meet to discuss expectations and grading.




Additional Resources

            Further Discussion - "Bloomin' Apps" (comparing Bloom's to SAMR)







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