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Wednesday - Interpersonal Mode

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Using Technology in Second Language Teaching: 

Focus on the Interpersonal Mode 


I. Review of Tuesday


Lingro: web tool to display glosses to aid reading comprehension


II. Pedagogical foundations


                    Log in to ZOOM!


          The Interpersonal Mode


The AIR model.  presentation (Beth Kautz)

for K-12 partners, check out ePals.com

for post secondary, UNI Collaboration


III. Examples - test and evaluate   

      Use this Evaluation Form (Gform) 

          Go to http://www.appear.in: (We'll give you a number: lcmac01, lcmac02, etc.)
               Allow Appear.in to "Share Selected Devices" and put on your headset.


    • Information Gap -- Zoom
      Enter the Zoom instance for the Summer Institute
      You will be assigned to a breakout room
      Use Zoom to communicate with your partner and fill out the Google form, based on your partner's information


Partner A

Partner B


    • Let's go eat! -- Backchannel Chat
      Use a backchannel chat application to negotiate a good place to have lunch in the area. 



Additional tools: 


    • VoiceThread as an asynchronous tool




IV. Create Interpersonal Activity


  As you're working, put links to your demonstration activities in the your activity Gdoc to share them.


Tools for Interpersonal Communication - use one of these, or another of your choice

Tool Need a User Account  Able to Record  Public/Private recordings   Number of people
Appear.In (Safari not supported) No No No - via 3rd app 4 maximum
Zoom.us Yes Yes

downloadable to computer with free account,

or to the cloud with license

25 maximum
Google Hangouts on Air Yes  Yes Public 10 maximum
Skype Yes No Private

5 maximum

BackChannel Chat No Yes Private 30 maximum


V. Participant Demonstrations

     We'd like to see what you're experimenting with!  –We're not expecting perfection!

     See links to your demonstration activities in your Gdoc.



Have you created activities with other tools that you would like to share?  
Post them at the bottom of this page using the Comments feature.



Additional information/resources: 


More on Zoom:


Other resources: 




     Here is a PDF of Colleen Coffey's book with lots of AIR examples.

     Reaching for the Skype in Language Magazine - article about using Skype in the language classroom




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