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Voicethread conversation

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Instructions for task

In the VoiceThread below, select the image that corresponds to the number next to your name. These images and the accompanying question are meant as conversation starters. Please respond to the prompt with enough detail to begin a conversation. You will carry on a conversation about this topic with one other person in the Institute this week. In addition, you will conduct a conversation with a second person about their topic. 


Instructions for creating and responding to a post in Voicethread


    • In the VoiceThread below, click "sign in"   and enter your account details. This will allow you to comment on the Voicethread.
    • Click the Light Table icon at the bottom of the VoiceThread window to call up the light table view:  
    • Select the image from the light table view that corresponds to your name in the list at right.
    • Respond to the question by clicking the "+" button at the bottom center of the window and selecting the microphone.
    • Record your response to the prompt. 
    • When you are satisfied with your response, click the "save" button to save it.
    • Move on to the next screen with the right arrow button at bottom right.
    • Listen to the question and response on this next page (it will be the next number below yours in the list at right).
    • Record a response to carry on  a conversation about the new topic with the person following you on the list.


Make sure you record at least 4 "comments" for each of these two images before Wednesday 11 am.


  1. Carolina Agudelo

  2. Evangelina Arriola-Stanslaski

  3. Xinyu Bai

  4. Jamie Bolanos

  5. Carolyn Bratzel

  6. Angela Castro

  7. Gila Cohen

  8. Richard Dabrowski

  9. Kendra Dahlbacka

  10. Martha Diaz

  11. Brian Doudna

  12. Marisol Galicia Estevez

  13. Jerome Hermeline

  14. Lili Hermeline

  15. Ruth Homan

  16. Fabian Jaume

  17. Li-Chen Lin

  18. Julie Lindholm

  19. Shari Mlecqewski

  20. ThuyAnh Nguyen

  21. Scott O’Neill

  22. Prince Obiri-Mainoo

  23. Samantha Kay Pittenger

  24. Sigurd Piwek

  25. Cory Roseth

  26. Carol Sanecki

  27. Stephen Schawalder

  28. Anne Simon

  29. Sofia Tanenbaum

  30. Amanda Tegels

  31. Clara Torres

  32. Huimin Xie

  33. Xinjie Xu


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