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VoiceThread Workshop

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10 mins

Debrief experiences with VT so far

Functions of VT:

- record audio and video, type text

- collaborative: multiple people can be working on one “thread”

- give feedback/post opinions

- upload video and image files, powerpoint presentations


PennState tutorial - http://vimeo.com/32856071



Beth’s Screencast:


(kinda long...5 mins)

5 mins

Workshop goal:

- Think about VT lesson structures as a teacher

One prepped VT that students comment in


Student-created VTs


15 mins

Activity 1: Commenting on a series of images

1)  show FRIT example of Rousseau paintings

- have instructors choose 1 painting, comment on the painting, then look for another painting that already has a comment and respond to the comments.

2)  show ESL210 example of  “What Can You Use This For?” Lesson on “enough” vs “too”.

- have teachers add to the VoiceThread and use the pen feature

** Discussion : How would you change this activity to make it more communicative?

-3) The Simpsons : In the picture of the "Group" that you've been assigned to, become one of the family members and record what he/she/it would like to watch on the TV. Then, after reading what everyone else has decided, come to a consensus as to what the family would watch for the night.



Rousseau VT: https://umn.voicethread.com/share/5415234/




ESL210 VT:







Simpsons VT: https://umn.voicethread.com/share/5422708/




20 mins

Activity 2: Adding pictures and comments

- Example: ESL 210 - Bucket List exercise. Have instructors download photos from online, upload it onto VT, and comment on it.

Rick’s French Stereotypes. find an image, upload to VT, comment, then comment on 2 others.

- Explain that the students need to have “editing” rights. Need to click on “pencil” feature in the Group settings.



Stereotypes VT:

15 Mins

Activity 3: Digital Storytelling

- ESL 10 - Demo. My “story” example.

- Have instructors work off of existing photos on LC Server. Create their own story?


Digital Story VT: https://umn.voicethread.com/share/4894892/

10 mins

Activity 4: Dialogue

1) showcase Beth’s German “conversation”

- have teachers respond? Probably only have time to show it...

- not sure if I want to do this because the students’ responses aren’t very organized…

2) showcase: pronunciation exercise


German VT:



Discussion Questions:

- - how Could you use this in your specific courses?

- What are the Pro’s and Con’s?

Brainstorm ideas:

  • What did you do over the summer?
  • Some students (Chinese) are more comfortable speaking rather than writing.
  • Students introduce their tablemates (pods of 4) and tables can visit the other table's presentations.





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